Local HIPCAR Team

List of Persons involved in the Project at a local level:

  • Country Focal Point& Assistant Director, Information Technology Services Division(ITSD)  -   Ms. Jacqueline Creese
  • Permanent Secretary, Office of the Prime Minister  -  Mr. Lanceford Weekes
  • Senior Economist, Department of Telecommunications, Science & Technology - Ms Tricia Pompey


  • Dr. Gilberto M. Almeida (International)
  • Mrs. Euchrista St. Hilaire Bruce-Lyle  (Local)

National Task Force:

  • Ms. Jeneille Lewis -  Attorney General’s Office
  • Mrs. Okolo John-Patrick - EPA Unit
  • Ms. Lisa Llellewyn, Coordinator HIS
  • Mrs. Jacqueline Archibald- Deputy Director, API
  • Mrs. Roxanne John, CARCIP Coordinator
  • Mr. Winston George, EGRIP Country Based Specialist
  • Ministry of National Security
  • Office of the DPP
  • Royal St. Vincent Grenadines Police Force